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Attending to the welfare of all species through excellence in global interprofessional practice

The logo of Veterinary Social Work Services. Shows 7 circles in a circle, Purple circle and bird, green circle and cat, gray circle and cow, pink circle and rabbit, yellow circle and horse, turquoise circle and dog and in the middle there is an hand hold in a heart.

Veterinary Social Work Oath

“Specializing in the interprofessional space of veterinary social work, I pledge my service to society by tending to the human needs that arise in the relationship between humans and animals. From a strengths based perspective and using evidence-based approaches within my scope of practice, I will uphold the ethical guidelines of my profession, respect and promote the dignity and worth of all species, and diligently strive to maintain mindful balance in all of my professional endeavors.”

Partnership between the UT College of Veterinary Medicine and the UT College of Social Work

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